Friday, April 16, 2010

Assoc. of Christian Women Entrepreneurs presents: The Empowered Woman Entrepreneur Telesummit

I enjoy sharing great resources with you that I feel will greatly enhance
your endeavors in your personal and business life and this event I'm
going to share with you now is one of those resources.

I am hosting a phenomenal event "The Empowered
Woman Entrepreneur Telesummit" and I'm honored to be part of this event
as one of the featured speakers.

You are receiving a special invitation from me to gain FREE access to
this unique event, which will feature eight savvy women entrepreneurs
including myself who will each share insider tips with you on becoming
an empowered woman entrepreneur. Topics range from personal growth
to empowering business success.

You'll leave away from this event empowered and transformed.
I promise that this will be a "no hype... simply the real deal event!"

Click here to claim your VIP pass.

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The Empowered Woman Entrepreneur Telesummit is scheduled
to run from April 22 through April 30 where some of the worlds most
successful online women entrepreneurs will share insider tips throughout the

You're invited to register for this tele-summit,
listen in and benefit from the wisdom shared in these
empowering interviews.

Click here to claim your Telesummit VIP pass

If you're tired of reinventing the wheel and want to benefit
from the wisdom of these dynamic women don't wait register now.

I have lined up experts in the field of PR, Social Media, SEO optimization,
Internet Marketing, Moms in business, Life balance, Mom/Daughter Communication, Authentic Life Empowerment, and I have even included Military Moms motivation and success!

Go ahead claim your Teleseminar VIP pass here.

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